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MISSION OM is your SEA agency located in Southern Germany – for all who want to achieve their goals effectively! We competently advise you on all aspects of search engine advertising and take care of your Bing Ads Search and Display Campaigns. By defining and implementing your marketing goals into the campaign, we can provide accurate information about how effectively your Bing Ads campaigns will reach your target audience. Based on the Microsoft Advertising data, we optimize your campaigns in a targeted manner – and do so continuously!

How does Microsoft Advertising work?

Bing Ads distinguishes between two different types of ads, the so-called Microsoft Advertising Search Ads, and the Microsoft Advertising Content Ads. The two advertising types are differentiated by the delivery platforms on which they are displayed. Bing Search Ads are displayed exclusively within the search results of Bing and Yahoo and other search partners. Content ads appear on partner sites in the Microsoft Audience Network, such as Yahoo! Finance, LinkedIn, or MSN Sports. Microsoft Advertising, unlike Google Ads, offers an image extension for Bing search ads.

Bing Ads – Your Advantages

Reach your Targets with MISSION OM Bing Ads

Concept & Realization

We take care of the complete planning and realization of your Bing Ads Search Engine and Display Campaigns.

Display Campaigns

We set up all your Microsoft Ads Search Engine and Display campaigns and create the required advertising materials.

Target Audience

In collaboration, we define your target group and tailor your campaigns to fit their interests.


We continuously monitor and optimize your Microsoft Ads search engine and display campaigns to ensure maximum success.


We regularly analyze your Bing Search Engine and Display campaigns and keep you up to date with the latest results of the key performance indicators.

Do you want us to help you achieve your targets by systematically placing advertisements on Bing Ads? Do you still have outstanding questions, or would you like to learn more about our agency? Launch your successful campaign by contacting us now and get started with MISSION OM!