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MISSION OM is your SEA agency located in Southern Germany – for all who want to achieve their goals effectively! We competently advise you on all aspects of search engine advertising with Google Ads.

Joined by you, we determine your company’s marketing goals and define the perfect target audience. Based on these results, we implement the developed goals into effective Google Ads campaigns. In order to achieve the best possible KPIs for your company, we continuously optimize your campaign.

Google Ads — Search Engine Advertising

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, opens a wide range of possibilities to use the world’s largest search engine as your advertising platform. From classic search engine advertising, where ads are placed on the Google Search in text format, to display campaigns, which enable marketing via banners in the Google Partner Network, to shopping ads, which promote products in Google Search and Google Shopping – Google Ads is your solution! In addition, you can run video ads on Partner Network and YouTube pages, in-app ads, and Discovery Ads. The latter are displayed in Gmail, on YouTube and in Google Discover.

Google Ads – Your Advantages

Reach Your Goals with MISSION OM Google Ads


Collaborating with you, we define the marketing goals that are to be achieved through your Google Ads campaign. These can include the increase of revenue through product sales, requests for services or signups for your newsletter.


We will determine the relevant search terms with which your goals are to be achieved. The scope of the keyword list is constantly expanded and updated throughout the ad placement campaign.


We create ads that are perfectly tailored to your business-relevant keywords, target audience and landing page.


We continuously monitor and optimize your Google Ads campaign for maximum success.


We regularly inform you about your campaign’s progress. For this purpose, you will receive a monthly report with all important key figures. Alternatively, we can create your personal live dashboard that gives you a constant overview of all marketing-relevant KPIs.

You wish to realize your marketing goals by systematically placing advertisements on Google Ads? Do you still have outstanding questions, or would you like to learn more about our agency? Launch your successful campaign by contacting us now and get started with MISSION OM!