Instagram Ads Agency Germany

Instagram Ads Agency Germany

MISSION OM is your Instagram Ads Agency from Southern Germany – we enable a wider market coverage, increase sales, and acquire new customers for your business! In collaboration, we create an individual concept to suit your needs and implement it for you!

Following a comprehensive consultation on the topics of Instagram Ads and Instagram advertising, we will use your input to define the campaign targets. To achieve these goals, we will place ads to push your content, to raise awareness of your products, and to increase your sales. The detailed matching of Instagram Ads and Instagram advertising to your target group, enables your company to gain reach and achieve your marketing goals.

Instagram Marketing

According to the Facebook Business Manager, more than 24 million active users can be reached by placing ads on Instagram in Germany alone. The worldwide number of monthly active users has surpassed the one billion mark. Using this tremendous potential by placing well-constructed ads can prove valuable for a company. By tracking user behavior, Instagram can create a detailed user profile that includes the user’s preferences and demographic details. Specifically targeting this profile data ensures a precise ad placement and has a long-lasting effect on Instagram ad campaigns. Continuously adjusting the target audience improves the campaign’s results constantly.

Instagram advertisements are created and managed in the Facebook Business Manager, which offers the possibilities of pushing existing posts, running image-only or video-only ads, and promoting merchandise via a Carousel Ad.

Advantages of Instagram Advertisement

Reach your targets with MISSION OM's Instagram Advertisement


Based on your input, we determine the goals to be achieved by the Instagram ad campaign. These can include increasing content engagement, website visitors, or acquiring customers.

Target Audience

After your campaign goals have been set, we define the target audience to be addressed by the Instagram ads. Throughout the duration of the campaign, we continuously adjust the target group to achieve the best possible campaign performance.


We place Instagram ads for the defined target groups and optimize them on an ongoing basis.


By constantly monitoring progress and continuously optimizing measures, we ensure your Instagram ad campaign’s long-term success.


A monthly report of all key performance indicators will keep you up to date on your campaign’s progress.

Would you like to achieve your goals by systematically placing ads on the social media platform Instagram? Do you still have outstanding questions and would like to learn more about our agency? Launch your successful campaign by contacting us now and get started with MISSION OM!