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MISSION OM is your XING Ads Agency from Southern Germany – we enable a wider market coverage, increase sales, and acquire new customers for your business! In collaboration, we create an individual concept to suit your needs and implement it for you!

We are happy to offer you consultation on all aspects of XING Ads. We create and place eye-catching ads for you to push your website and XING channels, promote your events and help you fill vacancies in your company more efficiently. Furthermore, we manage your XING campaigns and update them regularly in order to seize every opportunity for optimization and to generate more clicks. Customized XING ads will help your company gain reach and achieve your marketing goals.

What is XING?

XING is the German equivalent to LinkedIn, meaning it is a social media platform focusing on business aspects and its user’s careers. Hosting about 18 million monthly users, XING is currently the largest social business network in the German-speaking world (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). If your business wants to establish a presence on the German market, you should consider using XING as it offers valuable marketing opportunities.

Xing Marketing

XING’s business-focused nature allows you to target specific audiences with sponsored posts and ads and thereby generate clicks. Compared to other social media platforms, XING offers the possibility to advertise users with sponsored posts and ads according to their occupation, career level, industry, company, and other business-specific attributes. In addition, the familiar attributes, such as age, gender, and physical location, can also be targeted.

Advantages of XING Ads Marketing

Reach your goals with XING Ads by MISSION OM


In collaboration with you, we define your goals, which are to be achieved by the XING campaign. These may include increasing content engagement and website visitors or acquiring customers.

Target Audience

The goals to be achieved by the XING campaigns will be set in a meeting between your company and ours. These may include increasing content engagement and website visitors or acquiring customers.


We develop the perfect XING ads for the previously defined target group and carry out the required steps to implement the ads.


By constantly monitoring and optimizing your campaign’s progress, we ensure its long-term success.


A monthly report of all key performance indicators will keep you up to date on your campaign’s progress.

Would you like to achieve your goals by systematically placing ads on XING? Do you still have outstanding questions and would like to learn more about our agency? Launch your successful campaign by contacting us now and get started with MISSION OM!